Honours and Awards

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The War Medal

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Victory Medal’, to qualify personnel had to serve in the Armed Forces or Merchant Navy full time for at least twenty eight days between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

The 1939 – 1945 Star

The 1939-45 Star was awarded for any period of operational service overseas between 3 Sep 1939 and 8 May 1945. Royal Air Force air crew qualified with 60 days service in an operational unit including at least one operational sortie.

The Bomber Command Clasp

The Bomber Command Clasp is granted to the aircrew of Bomber Command who served for at least sixty days, or completed a tour of operations, on a Bomber Command operational unit and flew at least one operational sortie on a Bomber Command operational unit from the 3 September 1939 to the 8 May 1945 inclusive.  This applies to Servicemen after they have met the minimum qualification for the 1939-45 Star, which in many cases, though not exclusively, is sixty days.

To be clear, servicemen must have already qualified for the 1939-45 Star before their time can count toward the required sixty day qualification period for the Bomber Command Clasp.

To apply for the Bomber Command Clasp click on the Bomber Command Clasp image above to be redirected to Veterans-UK where you will find more information and can download the application form.

The Air Crew Europe Star

The Air Crew Europe Star was earned almost exclusively by Royal Air Force personnel, it could only be awarded after the 1939-45 Star had been qualified for.

Aircrew Europe Star was awarded for 60 additional days’ service in an RAF Unit engaged in operational flying over Europe from bases in the UK with at least one operational sortie.

The France and Germany Star

After 5 June 1944, operational flying over Europe qualified aircrew for the France and Germany Star.

The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The DFC was established on 3 June 1918, the birthday of King George V, and is awarded to Officers and Warrant officers for acts of valour and courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy.

The Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)

The other ranks equivalent to the DFC.

The Air Force Cross

Awarded to all ranks of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, and Royal Air Force in recognition of exemplary gallantry in the air on non-active operations.

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Awarded for highly successful command and leadership during active operations.

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

Awarded to personnel of the armed forces below commissioned rank for conspicuous gallantry in action against the enemy at sea or in the air.

Listed below are the names of those who received Honours & Awards whilst serving at Wickenby from 1942 to 1945, the rank listed is the rank at the time of the award.

This list has been compiled from incomplete records we have at Wickenby, if you know of any errors or omissions please let us know.

The Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)

Allen GW F/Sgt
Allum KG F/Sgt
Appleyard K Sgt
Arundale WE F/Sgt
Attwood FA Sgt
Aubert CO F/Sgt
Baker JA F/Sgt
Beckett AE Sgt
Black L F/Sgt
Blute FJ F/Sgt
Bode RH Sgt
Brooks E Sgt
Byrne LO F/Sgt
Carr TW P/O
Clifford SP F/Sgt
Copping F/S EJ
Cowan JA F/Sgt
Derbyshire GE F/Sgt
Dunshea F/S
Edwards VD Sgt
Edwards WJH Sgt
Ellaway R F/Sgt
Ellis J Sgt
F/S McLeod TJ
Fairbairn C Sgt
Fender H Sgt
Fisher N Sgt
Galloway J Sgt
Gant J F/Sgt
George SP Sgt
Gershaw J Sgt
Glen FD Sgt
Goulter F/S HM
Gray L F/S
Hall K F/Sgt
Hames DC Sgt
Headings F/S
Hesketh FH F/Sgt
Heywood GC F/Sgt
Hill J Sgt
Hill WG Sgt
Hoey HH F/Sgt
Jackson A Sgt

Jones DJ Sgt
Knight PV Sgt
Lane VA F/Sgt
Lee J Sgt
Newey AC F/Sgt
MacDonnell KE Sgt
Matthews Sgt
McKenna PH F/S
McLeod LVP F/Sgt
Miller AS F/Sgt
Mills G F/S
Mitchell WR Sgt
Moller WRW Sgt
Moore GDB Sgt
Morley MA F/S DFM
Ollerhead F/Sgt
Peckham JE Sgt
Percival EA Sgt
Peters FE Sgt
Pope WH Sgt
Poulton NT F/S
Price WE F/Sgt
Redding W Sgt
Russel Sgt
Russell GHH F/Sgt
Schauenberg BL F/S
Scholes E F/Sgt
Scrace JWE Sgt
Slater WWE F/Sgt
Smith JM Sgt
Smith WG Sgt
Solly CF Sgt
Soper BEG Sgt
Stephen P Sgt
Tattersall DR P/O
Taylor FA F/Sgt
Taylor JH Sgt
Tribe DF Sgt
Wadsworth F Sgt
Wells M F/Sgt
Wicks WR F/S
Wood GH F/Sgt
Woodruff D Sgt

Immediate DFM

Brewer JV Sgt
Hall NF F/Sgt RCAF
Jones CE F/Sgt
Lawrence COA F/Sgt
Marriott CR F/S

Oram JC P/O
Peters V Sgt
Reynolds LE Sgt
Smith RA F/Sgt


Allen DR F/O
Allen MV P/O
Allison HDC P/O
Anderson GA P/O
Annesley GW W/O
Atherton JE W/O
Baker WB P/O
Bassant C F/L
Bell EIJ S/L
Bennet RC F/O RCAF
Bentley W F/O
Black SB P/O
Blackburn WJ P/O
Bladon A P/O
Blake LH P/O
Bond RC P/O
Booth A F/L
Borland W/O
Bowen TH P/O
Boyd FC P/O
Braybrook F/O
Brewer P/O
Bright JB P/O
Bright W F/O
Brown JCR S/L
Brown MG P/O
Brownhill JK F/O
Buchan JM F/O
Burkhardt J F/L
Butcher AL F/L
Butcher JFV F/O
Butler DWJ P/O
Cameron JA F/L
Campbell JH F/O RCAF
Cannon JV P/O
Carrol SJ P/O
Carruthers GF F/O
Casey EF P/O
Cassidy J F/O
Clarke J P/O
Clarke R P/O
Cleland WJ F/L
Collens BA F/O
Cook WL F/O
Corry HN S/L
Crabb RJL F/O
Craven DMH W/C
Crimmins WD P/O
Crook H P/O
Curran WV W/O
Currie JAL P/O
Cuthill J F/L
Dawley LK 1st Ltn USAAF
Dawson HL P/O
Dear CA P/O
Dyre-Matthews I W/O
Edwards CA P/O
Edwards JT P/O
Farfan EN F/O
Farmer W/O
Felgate IL F/O
Fitzsimmons EF F/O
Ford TH F/O
Foreman F/O
Fox GW P/O
Francis JE P/O
Freeman W P/O
Galbraith JR F/O
Gallagher T
Gardiner N P/O
Gardiner RE F/L
Gates PL W/O
Gauvreau RJ F/O
Gerrard GED F/O
Gillman MD P/O
Girlingstone TW P/O
Glasspool LH P/O
Goodman LW F/O
Gordon JC P/O
Goule HW F/L
Gray D F/O
Gray HI F/L
Green K F/L
Green WG F/O
Gregg RB F/O
Griffiths DI F/O
Griffiths MC P/O RAAF
Hadingham EG F/O
Hagerman DC F/L
Harvey GK F/O
Hawkes RC F/O
Henderson JS P/O
Henty D P/O
Hews MH F/O
Hickman DA P/O
Hicks AC F/L
Hicks SM P/O
Hide WR P/O
Hill WJF F/O
Hodges SC P/O
Holbrook GF F/L
Holding SR P/O
Hutchinson JP F/O RAAF
Hughes WRK P/O
Idler DR P/O
Jackson DS P/O
Jackson LE F/O
Jarman FB F/O
Jones AP F/O
Kauter FJ P/O
Kelly PJ P/O
Kennett AC F/O
Kettles WM F/O
Kingman F/O
Kirby LH P/O
Knight N F/O
Lambourne HV P/O
Lancaster JO F/L
Landon JW F/L
Lanham CW P/O
Large WJ F/L
Legge JT P/O  

Leigh RB F/L
Lighton OG F/O
Lofthouse G F/O
Longbotham F/O
Luke JW W/O
Lutz P/O AM
Mair WM P/O
Mann PW P/O
Mansfield JET F/L
Marshall RA P/O
Martin RL P/O
May J F/L
McKean J W/O
McLaughlin BE F/L
McMillan DH P/O
Middlemiss P/O
Milton PR P/O
Mizon WF P/O
Mogg RM P/O
Monk AD F/L
Monogue JS W/O
Moore PW P/O
Moyes PJ F/L
Murison JF F/O
Neilson JA S/L RNZAF
Newman KJ F/O
Newman WH F/O
Newton TE P/O
Noden RF F/L DFM
Norton W/O
Nosworthy SJ F/O
O’Dea TJ P/O
Oliver DR P/O
P/O Parry DJ
Palmer SJ F/O
Peacock JEM F/O
Pearson HW P/O
Phillips HB F/L
Porter K F/O
Potter DS P/O
Poushinsky VW F/O
Powell LJ P/O
Puprslow GW W/O
Redshaw P/O
Rew AH P/O
Roden GA S/L
Rodney DF W/C AFC
Rothwell PJA
S/L Stammers DS DFM
Samuel JR P/O
Saunders IW Flt/Lt
Sanders EV F/O
Sargent DAG P/O
Shanley JH S/L
Shorney SF F/O
Simms EA F/O
Sinnott JD W/O
Smith EW W/O
Smith G P/O
Smith G P/O
Smitheringale KB A/W/O
Snell WF A/F/L
Spillers JL S/L
Spruston LC F/L RCAF
Starr JB P/O
Stenborg HO P/O
Stewart JW F/L
Stewart JW P/O
Stewart MH F/O
Stockdale M W/C
Stopford R P/O
Straker RT P/O
Sullivan JC P/O
Sutherland GA W/O
Swann GW F/O
Swann KW F/L
Tabony HC P/O
Telling WAS
Thomas JH F/L
Thompson AJ F/L
Thompson JE F/O
Thompson PF F/O
Thornecroft G P/O
Torrance JT P/O
Tredwin RH F/O
Trotter HSS F/O
Trotter R P/O
Turner HT P/O
Utz WA P/O
Vernon HA F/L
Villiers DH S/L
Wade AGW F/O
Washbrook P/O
Watson H W/O
Watson N F/O
Watt FA F/L
Weeks PGR F/L
Weir KS P/O
Welford FL P/O
Weller B W/O
Weyle EW P/O
Whitehouse W F/L
Wilkinson JL F/L
Wilson GL F/O
Wilson LI P/O
Winder H F/L
Witty AR F/O
Wood AH F/O
Wood V F/L
Woods JA F/O
Woolatt S/L
Wright AJH F/L
Wright FJ F/O
Yell P/O

Immediate DFC

Buchan WJ F/L
Clement RS F/O AFM
Haynes P G/C
Moore AW P/O
Nelson JD W/C
Pappas L P/O
Penrose GW P/O  

Roberts DH F/O
Rowland JN F/L D
Tapp F/O ML
Wallace JL F/O
Wheeler DJ P/O
Wilson LC F/O

Bar to DFC

Breckenridge F/L DFC
Dalrymple-White F/L DFC
Moore AW P/O DFC

Morton S/L DFC
Rowland JN F/L DFC
Whitehouse W F/L DFC


Collard RCM W/C

Immediate DSO

Foote WL F/TWood RSC W/C DFC

Mentioned in Dispatches

Adams LD Cpl
Brown R Cpl
Bull AE W/O
Carson NW Cpl
Carson NW Cpl
Cobley AH Sgt
Dabinett HI W/C
Dabinett HI W/C
Dewar G LAC
Ellis EG AC2
F/L McEwen DW
Hart LP Sgt
Hart LP Sgt
Keeble H LAC
Kenyon JR Sgt
Littlejohn T Sgt  
McEwen DW F/O
McMahon G AC1
McPartlin N LAC
Osborne ER Sgt
Pirie AB Cpl
Restall GR Sgt
Scruton J W/O
Thompson J Sgt
Traill IC Cpl
Trim FJG F/Sgt
Trinder WJ AC1
Trinder WJ AC1
Watts FMN W/C
White G Sgt
Yardley D Cpl


Cruse BC F/S
Drake RC Sgt
Harper HJ Sgt
Hill WG Sgt
Jackson A Sgt
Kettles WM

Special Commendation

Currie JAL Sgt
Adams HH P/O  
Thomas JH F/L