Roll of Honour

This roll of honour includes the names of all 1,491 men who were killed whilst serving with 12 & 626 Squadrons & associated Station Headquarters during WW2. Listed in alphabetical order by surname, giving first names, rank, service number, date of death & RAF Station, it includes those stationed at Wickenby, Binbrook, Eastchurch & the Advanced Air Striking Force in France. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but mistakes do happen and it is possible that some of the information is incorrect and that some names may be missing, if you are aware of any errors or omissions please let us know so that we can rectify this.

The Book Of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance which was commissioned by the Wickenby Register (The 12 & 626 Squadron Association) in 2009 gives the names of all those who lost their lives during WWII whilst serving with 12 and 626 Squadrons at Wickenby including 5 Ground Crew and also includes the names of those who lost their lives serving with 12 Squadron before the Squadron moved to Wickenby in 1942. 12 Squadron had the highest number of losses in No 1 Group and the second highest number of losses in Bomber Command. The book is housed in a glass fronted oak display case in the Wickenby Museum, and the pages are turned regularly. Photographic copies of individual pages are available by email.

Wall Of Remembrance

Bomb Aimer
12 Squadron Aug to October 1944
Born 13 April 1923 – died 26 August 2009
RAF Wickenby Memorial Collection Volunteer
Born 1938 – died 2010
Bomb Aimer
12 Squadron 17 May to 25 October 1943
Born 12 June 1920 – died 31 March 2001
BUSH Len (Leonard) P
12 Squadron RAF Wickenby 1942 – 1945
Born 12 January 1926 – died 11 October 1945
JENKINS Donald Sgt
Flight Engineer
626 Squadron PD432 UM-E2
Born 22 November 1924 – died November 1997
DAVIS Bernard Sean
Born 10 October 1923 – passed away 10 December 2011
Bomb Aimer – Aircraft PD287 – 626 Squadron
BASSANT Clifford F/Lt
Mid Upper Gunner
12 & 626 Squadrons
Born 26 June 1923 – died 20 August 2007
Mid Upper Gunner
12 Squadron May to October 1943
626 Squadron May to July 1944
Born 12 September 1921 – died 26 January 2006

Those named here served at RAF Wickenby and passed away after WW2. If you have someone you would like to remember here please email their name, rank, squadron and date/year of birth and death and any other information you would like to be shown.