family history Research at Wickenby Museum

Family History is an increasingly popular hobby and we at Wickenby Museum are well equipped to help, particularly if you are looking for information regarding former aircrew.

We have a comprehensive database of all operational flights from Wickenby Airfield which gives information on target, aircraft and crew plus much more. When cross referenced with the Operational Record Books this can lead to a mine of other documents and photographs. If you are researching a family member, a particular crew or aircraft get in touch with us and our volunteers will find whatever information we have and pass this on to you, or you could arrange to meet one of our volunteers at Wickenby Museum.

Do you have a story or artifact to share with us?

Family History Research is a two way street so if you have information which we could add to the archive this could help someone else’s family history project. On occasions we have come across people looking for information on the same crew and put them in touch with each other which is obviously to the benefit of both parties.

To obtain service records please contact:

Royal Air Force Disclosures
Room 221b
Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
NG34 8HB

Tel: 01400 268160
Fax: 01400 268161

Researching your Family History – Why we want to help

Exploring your family’s past is like going on an exciting adventure back in time. It’s a journey filled with stories and secrets waiting to be discovered. Every old document and photo you find is like a clue that helps you piece together your family history puzzle.

Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to find all the information you’re looking for. Some records might be hard to discover, and you might have trouble finding information about some of your relatives. So if your research has led you to RAF Wickenby then we want to help.

Uncovering your family history is incredibly rewarding. It helps you feel connected to your ancestors and gives you a sense of where you come from. It’s like discovering a treasure trove of stories that make up who you are today.

If you’re digging through old papers and find a connection to RAF Wickenby then we want to hear about it. We are always looking to expand our extensive archive to help future research. Contact us today.