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Family History is an increasingly popular hobby and we at Wickenby are well equipped to help, particularly if you are looking for information regarding aircrew.

We have a comprehensive database of all operational flights from Wickenby which gives information on target, aircraft and crew plus much more. When cross referenced with the Operational Record Books this can lead to a mine of other documents and photographs. If you are researching a family member, a particular crew or aircraft get in touch with us and our volunteers will find whatever information we have and pass this on to you, or you could arrange to meet one of our volunteers at Wickenby.

Research is a two way street and if you have information which we could add to the archive this could help someone else's research project. On occasions we have come across people looking for information on the same crew and put them in touch with each other which is obviously to the benefit of both parties.

Our Requests section (below) is available to everyone, if you would like to add a request please get in touch and we will try to help or alternatively take a look and see if you can help someone else.

If you are looking for further information not related to Wickenby this can be found by contacting:

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Requests for Information

Currently we have requests for information on the following if you think you can help please get in touch:


Robert Frederick Noden and Crew

Does anyone have any information regarding Robert Frederick Noden, the pilot on the left of this photograph. We are also trying to identify the rest of the crew. Also looking for the serial number of the Wellington Bomber with the distinctive artwork of "Bashful".


626 Squadron Crew - December 1944 to May 1945

F/L PV Tremblay - Pilot
F/L R Andrews - Navigator
Sgt RE May - Wireless Operator
Sgt HA Clarke - Bomb Aimer
Sgt GO Pagan - Flight Engineer
Sgt SD Clydesdale - MUG
Sgt WN Craig - Rear Gunner


12 Squadron Crew - October 1944 to April 1945

F/Lt AL Butcher DFC - Pilot
F/O WJ Coxell - MUG
F/O JA Woods DFC - Navigator
F/O JT Griffiths - Rear Gunner
P/O JR Cruickshank - Flight Engineer
P/O GR Bird - Wireless Operator
F/S MA Morley DFM - Bomb Aimer


Old Pals from National Service Days
For anyone trying to make contact with old pals from their National Service Days.


Squadron Leader William Daunt
12 Squadron - c1944

12 Squadron Lancaster JB405 PH-H 'Hellzapoppin'
which crashed on 3 May 1944 at Beauchery-St-Martin
during operations to Mailly le Camp

P/O JD Carter - Pilot
Sgt TS Hayhurst - Flight Engineer
F/O RJ Ward - Navigator
Sgt KN Read - Bomb Aimer
Sgt G Long - Wireless Operator
Sgt AP Simpson - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt S Johnson - Rear Gunner (POW)
W/O DE Close RAAF - 2nd Pilot


12 Squadron Lancaster W4925 PH-N which was lost on
30 April 1943 in Winterswijk, Netherlands

F/L JW Potts - Pilot
Sgt R Martin - Flight Engineer
F/Sgt D Sheldon - Navigator
Sgt W Woodland - Bomb Aimer
F/Sgt K Hall - Wireless Operator
Sgt L Gill - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt J S Harris - Rear Gunner
Sgt F B Gillan RAAF - 2nd Pilot


12 Squadron Lancaster PD331 PH-O was lost on
23 October 1944 in Winterswijk, Netherlands

F/O Douglas Wallace MacLean RAAF - Pilot
W/O John Philip RAAF - Navigator
Sgt Frank William Nibblet - Flight Engineer
F/S Ian Hunter Flemming RAAF - Rear Gunner
F/S John Edmund Joseph Kelly RAAF - Wireless Operator
F/S Kenneth Harold Rowley RAAF - Mid Upper Gunner
F/S Arthur Bevan Llewellyn RAAF - Bomb Aimer


626 Squadron Lancaster LL797 UM-B2 was lost on
24/25 February 1944 in Marsal, France

F/O Jack Pierce Hutchinson DFC RAAF - Pilot
F/O Peter Henry Wilson Young - Bomb Aimer
W/O Hector Binder RCAF - Mid Upper Gunner
P/O Leonard Goodkey RCAF - Navigator
Sgt Arthur Hodgson - Flight Engineer
F/Sgt Ken Macey - Rear Gunner
Sgt Bob Edgeworth - Wireless Operator
and Sgt Brian Bowditch - 2nd Pilot


12 Squadron Lancaster NF928 PH-S was lost on
14 October 1944 on operations to Duisburg

F/L Ray Lloyd Clearwater - Pilot
Sgt William Arthur Berry - Flight Engineer
F/O Henry James Watts - Nav
F/Sgt Robert Clark - Bomb Aimer
F/Sgt Allan Selwyn Price - Wireless Operator
Sgt Richard Wolsey - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt George Fearnley Walton - Rear Gunner


12 Squadron Lancaster LL909 PH-Y was lost on
14 October 1944 on operations to Duisburg

F/O Theodore Sorenson - Pilot
Sgt Crawford Fernie - Flight Engineer
F/O Robert William Randall - Bomb Aimer
Sgt D R Smith - Mid Upper Gunner
F/O H S Gartrell RCAF - Navigator
Sgt R Allen (POW) - Wireless Operator
Sgt S R Smith - Rear Gunner


626 Squadron Lancaster NE163 UM-T2 was lost on
14 October 1944 on operations to Duisburg

F/L Reginald Major Aldus - Pilot
Sgt V Sheppard - Flight Engineer
F/O Thurston Culshaw RCAF - Navigator
F/O John Mervyn MacMillan RCAF - Bomb Aimer
F/O Ronald Ernest Blake - Wireless Operator
Sgt H Jeffries - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt Joseph Marks - Rear Gunner


12 Squadron Lancaster ED995 PH-X whose crew completed their tour of operations on 4 October 1943

F/O FJ Wright - Pilot
Sgt WE Smith - Flight Engineer
F/O EV Sanders - Navigator
Sgt DR Tattersall - Bomb Aimer
Sgt R Edgeworth - Wireless Operator
Sgt BS Heath - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt GW Shrimpton - Rear Gunner


12 Squadron Lancaster ED995 PH-X was lost on
8 October 1943 on operations to Hanover

Sgt RA Collins - Pilot
Sgt WJ Adamson - Navigator
Sgt PM Adams - Wireless Operator
Sgt SV Watson - Flight Engineer
Sgt R Mallin - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt J Strachan RCAF) - Rear Gunner
Sgt PJ Pemrose (POW) - Bomb Aimer


626 Squadron Lancaster LM633 UM-T2 was lost on
20/21 July 1944 over Lampernisse, Belgium

F/O J Bowen RAAF (POW) - Pilot
Sgt JSM Fyfe (evaded) - Flight Engineer
F/S RS Clarke RAAF (evaded) - Navigator
F/S  KD Ferguson RAAF (evaded) - Bomb Aimer
F/S WW Burrell RAAF (evaded) - Wireless Operator
F/S CM Beattie RAAF (evaded) - Mid Upper Gunner
F/S JW Houseman RAAF (killed in action)- Rear Gunner


626 Squadron Lancaster LM136 UM-D2 was lost on
20/21 July 1944 in the North Sea off the Belgian Coast

F/O WD Wilson - Pilot
Sgt J McB Meaney - Flight Engineer
Sgt HL Stevens - Navigator
F/O KC Binnie RAAF - Bomb Aimer
Sgt DJS Clarke- Wireless Operator
F/S FL Robertson RAAF - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt WT Woodhouse - Rear Gunner


12 Squadron Lancaster LM106 PH-H was lost without trace on
20/21 Jul 1944 on operations to Cortrai

P/O NE Hagerty RCAF - Pilot
Sgt G Perry - Flight Engineer
Sgt BH Armitage - Navigator
Sgt EJ Humber - Bomb Aimer
Sgt KR Shepstone- Wireless Operator
F/Sgt WF Edwards - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt JR MacKinnon RCAF - Rear Gunner


626 Squadron Lancaster LM290 UM-W2 crashed on
4/5 November 1944 at Menen, Belgium

F/O R Cook DFC RCAF - Pilot 
Sgt DW Garside - Flight Engineer
F/S H Sulz  RCAF - Navigator
F/S KC McCormick RCAF - Bomb Aimer
Sgt LA Rolfe  - Wireless Operator
Sgt J Fulton  - Mid Upper Gunner
F/S E Smith RCAF - Rear Gunner


626 Squadron Lancaster JB661 UM-C2 whose crew completed
their tour of operations on 29 October 1944

P/O G A Price - Pilot
Sgt S A Frew - Flight Engineer
Sgt F B Beaton - Navigator
Sgt B Walley - Wireless Operator
Sgt T H Lightfoot - Bomb Aimer
Sgt V A Lane - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt J Lee - Tail Gunner


626 Squadron Lancaster LM140 UM-O2 crashed on
26 August 1944 at Geisenheim

F/O Leonard Whetton - Pilot
Sgt George Stanley Lowson - Rear Gunner
F/O Derrick Laycock - Navigator
Sgt Herbert Walter Douglas - Wireless Operator
Sgt Peter Corrigan - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt Harry William Brotherhood - Flight Engineer
F/O Sydney Brown (POW) - Bomb Aimer


12 Squadron Lancaster ND410 PH-Y crashed on
19 February 1944 in Grevelingen Lake, Netherlands

P/O P D Wright - Pilot
P/O E Travers-Clarke - Navigator
F/S B A Stratton - Wireless Operator
P/O A J Gillis - Bomb Aimer
Sgt T E Roe - Flight Engineer
Sgt B G White - Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt T White - Rear Gunner




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